On the Issues


Education is one of the most important functions of our Stare government. A large and effective investment, beginning in pre-K through higher education, is necessary to prepare our youth for the demands of the future. This will bring better jobs to our area and advance our economy. We also need to make sure that our public money is not given to private entities through vouchers and other schemes that will never work.

Minimum Wage

In 2016, $7.25 is NOT a livable wage.  A minimum wage should be incrementally increased to keep pace with inflation.


Our community suffers from a lack of proper road and highway infrastructure. We need a voice in Nashville who will secure funding to fix our traffic problems.


We need a Representative who will work closely with local law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe while working with community organizations to attack the root causes of crime.

Community Protection

We need to protect our Cordova and Germantown neighborhoods from predatory businesses that take advantage of people in vulnerable situations and bring crime and blight to our neighborhoods.

2nd Amendment

Government should protect the right to bear arms, but with common sense regulations to ensure the protection of families and our homes.